Sitges beaches

Sitges Weather and Climate


With a micro-climate all of its own, Sitges is reputed to have almost 300 days a year on which the sun shines for lengthy periods, and even in the Winter months it’s not unusual to get most of the winter during which it’s warm enough to walk on the beach or sit out at a café.

Best times to Visit

Probably the best times to come to Sitges if you want to avoid baking temperatures are late Spring and early Autumn when the heat is more bearable and there is a greater chance of a cooling shower. High Summer, in particular August, can be very hot and humid, however it is also the most popular with European and international sunseekers and those wishing for a brozed beautiful look.

Rain and offseason

As for rainfall, Sitges can have the odd few days when it drizzles, usually in late Autumn and early Spring, and late Summer months can bring torrential downpours accompanied by spectacular storms, but thankfully these are few and far between.