Sitges Insider Guide

Check out our guide to the very best of Sitges, the perfect way to plan your escape with us.

The beaches of Sitges are world famous and just steps from our apartments!

Sitges (Catalan for Silos) Barcelona is one of the gems of the Spanish Mediterranean. The village itself is famous for its International Film Festival and Carnaval. With its sandy beaches (17 of them!) and deep history Sitges attracts from families to its prevalent gay culture.

There are over 100 restaurants in Sitges from Port Aiguadolce – The Terramar ranging from typical Catalan cuisine (Xato) to Gastronomy in its purest form (Fragata).

If it’s fashion your into, there are tons of great shops for men, women and the kids. Whether it be day or night, winter or summer Sitges is a place to call your own!

Getting around Sitges

Getting around Sitges

Sitges is easy to explore on foot. All of our apartments are located close to the main attractions.

We like to say that the heart of Sitges is “about 5 minutes wide and 15 mins long”. The main concentration of the activities and things to do are in the center of the village.
From the Renfe train, one only needs about 7-10 minutes walking to reach the Mediterranean Sea. While walking through the village, there is a great variation of shops and stores ranging from exotic imports to local goods.

There are 3 main museums in Sitges which are all within a 5 minute walk. These three museums are:Can Llopis (carrer Sant Gaudenci 1),Cau Ferrat (carrer Fonollar s/n),Museo Maricel (carrer Fonollar s/n)

If you are into boating, head along the coast bearing north where you will encounter the Port Aiguadolce. On weekends the port attracts many people from Barcelona (Even the odd player from Barcelona F.C.!!)

Exploring Sitges is great because one does not need a vehicle as most of the streets have been made solely for pedestrians which is great for the kids or the grandparents.

Sitges Cultural Guide

Sitges Cultural guide

Sitges has maintained its many traditions over several decades. Many of the festivals date back to the early 19th century.

Sitges has been a melting pot for the arts and culture of the late 18th and early 19th century.

Most of the buzz of the arts in Sitges came from the painter, writer and playwright Santiago Rusiñol. During the late 19th century the artist came to Sitges and made the village a hub for the arts in Catalonia.

In 1814 Facundo Barcardi was born in Sitges and later emigrated to Cuba and the world famous rum was born in which we know today.

Getting on to the culture end of Sitges here are some amazing places to visit!

Modern Sitges, preserving important references from the Middle Age and the old farmers’ and fishermen’s town, offers visitors an impressive architectural and cultural heritage, the result of initiatives by artists, cultural energizers and patrons like Santiago Rusiñol, Ramon Casas, Miquel Utrillo or Charles Deering.

Thanks to them, Sitges was a reference point for writers, musicians and other intellectuals and became an important center for disseminating Modernism and the “Americanos”, who, after returning with their “fortune” from their American adventure, commissioned large mansions from Modernist and Noucentista (post Art Nouveau) architects. 17th century seaside church of Sant Bartolomeu I Santa TeclaThe museums, guided tours or walks around the old quarter allow us to visit and relive this important legacy. This creative impetus has made it possible to create new projects like The International Barcelona-Sitges Vintage Car Rally, the International Film Festival, the International Jazz Festival or the Summer Concerts Series.


Casa Bacardi

A museum to alcohol? Yes, Sitges is home to the Bacardi Museum

Cau Ferrat Museum : Cau Ferrat was the house-cum-studio of artist and writer Santiago Rusiñol ( b. Barcelona 1861; d. Aranjuez 1931 ), one of the leading figures of Catalan Modernisme.

Maricel Museum : The American Charles Deering (1852-1927) had the Palau Maricel built to house his art collection in an attempt to copy the precedent set by Cau Ferrat. In 1921 Deering returned to the U.S. and the palace was emptied. In 1969 however, the building regained the use to which it had seemed destined since its creation, by welcoming a major private collection, a donation by Dr. Pérez Rosales, mostly dedicated to medieval art.

Museu Romàntic “Can Llopis”: The Museu Romàntic “Can Llopis” is a perfectly preserved 19th century house which allows us to take a closer look at the lifestyle of a family of Catalan householders who lived their splendour during the years of Romanticism. It was built at the end of the 18th century in a neo-classical style with sober, elegant lines and very little decoration. Faithful to the Mediterranean tradition, the house has a central patio with a staircase leading to the main living quarters. The interior design shows how tastes changed from the time the building was built – when they were strongly influence by aristocratic styles – to the triumph of the forms of bourgeois Romanticism.

During the early 20th century there was a lot of change going on in Europe that somewhat stunted Sitges growth until the 1960’s where Sitges found its Renaissance by becoming a counterculture in its own right. Some considered it Ibiza on the mainland with a great hippy vibe. This is where a man by the name of Ricardo Urgell opened Pacha, one of the world’s biggest clubs and franchises. The first Pacha was an old villa in the hills of Vallpineda and opened their doors in 1967 and are still running today. In 2009 Ricardo opened Sweet Pacha, one of the franchises flagship clubs located in Port Aiguadolce.

Sitges Beaches

Sitges beaches

Beachfront apartments are the first to book up! Sitges has 17+ beaches.

Our favourite places to take the sun in Sitges… but shhhh don’t tell anyone…

Firstly from the beginning of July until the end of September thousands flock from all over the globe to enjoy Sitges and it’s wonderful ‘playas’. From Monday to Friday the beaches are quite busy during the summer however at weekend even those from Barcelona come down and enjoy the soft sand and the warm Mediterranean waters.

One of our favourite places to go on a Sunday to get that perfect tan is Alberto Beach ( playa L’ Estanyol ) where it’s the closest you’re gonna get to Ibiza without taking the plane… Live DJ’s from either Sweet Pacha or a old friend from the white island. It is the epitome of ibicencan (Ibiza) where it doesn’t matter sex preference all that is necessary is a little bit of glamour…. There is service right to your sun bed or you can go to BABALU which has some afternoon parties that are forever memorable!!!

If you’ve come for a ‘boys’ weekend, then the gay beach located in front of the Calipolis hotel is where you need to be!! Each year if you don’t get up early well looks like you’re sat in the sand because this is a place to be seen with some of the best bodies on the Spanish coast all coming together to soak up the Sitges sun.

If board shorts and bikini’s aren’t your thing ( nude ) Balmins beach located between San Sebastian Beach and Port Aiguadolce is the next up and coming place with rumours of opening up the next place to be ….

Shopping in Sitges

Sitges Shopping

Sitges has some charming stores and designer boutiques in the old town.

When you’re visiting Sitges Barcelona you can’t help but go in a clothing store or two! With over 100 shops ranging from exclusive designer shops to Ibiza style linen, one can spend all day feeling good buying today’s latest fashion. Here are a few of our favourites..

Coso (carrer sant francesc 3) Designer labels from Prada-Etro for men, women, and children

Body & Soul (carrer Sant Francesc 32) Men’s fashion carrying all types of fashion depending on which season you visit Sitges.

Zak (Carrer Sant Francesc 2) Not for the faint hearted, this all ‘out’ store offers fashion that you won’t see on your everyday high-street.

Zappa (Paseo de la Ribera 47) Zappa offers the latest fashions for men and women. If you happen to be here during Sitges Fashion Night (Beginning of Summer) don’t miss their amazing runway show put on along the paseo

Sitges Restaurant Guide

Sitges Restaurant Guide

From take away to fine dining, Sitges has a huge rage of restaurants to suit all budgets.

Whether one is coming down for the day from Barcelona or in Sitges for vacation the restaurants here in Sitges are amazing. Offering from typical Catalan cuisine to tastes from the far east. The port Aiguadolc changes every weekend from a quiet Spanish port to the gem where the best from Barcelona come just for amazing paellas or fresh seafood.

If Spanish tapas is more your style el Cable on calle Rusinol is where you need to be!!!

Looking to treat that special loved one of yours then Fragata is all about French haute cuisine all the rich succulent flavors immerse you however don’t be scared of a decent size bill after.

The Beach house, If you are looking for a great night menu with everything from 7 hour roast pork to their famous fish cakes the beach house is always open from 4pm with their midday cocktail specials.

All in all Sitges has managed to bring all the flavours of the world into one beautiful mosaic.