Sitges – the perfect Spanish getaway


What I love about Sitges is it is so close to Barcelona yet far enough away to really disconnect. Year round Sitges is a great place to recharge your batteries. In the summer it’s mainly done on the beach whereas in winter it is in the small cafes or on Playa San Sebastian taking in the most of the winter sun. That’s why if you were to ask me where I would like to go, Sitges is just so easy because to be honest, Barcelona is pretty much in the middle of Europe and south enough to be a lot warmer than the rest of Europe in winter. A flight from London is under 2 hours and Norway 5hours.


The town is filled full of great museums, beaches, restaurants, and bars. One of Sitges most beautiful museums Can Farrat has just been renovated and looks amazing. There’s always many local wine bars which are great to chat the day away trying many of the local wine with locals. Later, dinner is easy because someone is always willing to point you in the right direction in this great little village. In the summer I would recommend making a reservation, however in the winter most of the time you can walk right in.

The best way in my opinion to enjoy Sitges is in a sea front apartment. You have all of the luxuries of the having a gorgeous view of the Mediterranean (sometimes even on a private terrace), and you also enjoy Sitges as if you were one of the locals. Shopping at the local markets really makes it worthwhile to have an apartment as opposed to a hotel room. It’s like night and day for you and your wallet. I love to cook and especially use local produce, fish, and meats and entertaining other guests that are visiting town.

When I rented my first apartment I never looked back, but before I never even knew holiday apartments existed… Sitges Holiday Accommodation has a wide range of holiday properties in Sitges. From basic sea front studios right up to luxury villas, and they’re local which makes it even more of a reason to use them for your next vacation in Sitges.


The most experienced Property management company in Sitges


When owning a holiday apartment or villa that is rented out to tourists can sometimes be very stressful. Most of the time owners do not live in Sitges or have to time to manage their reservations. This is where we at Sitges Holiday Accommodation come in. With over 10 years managing properties in Sitges, we have built the perfect team of builders, plumbers, electricians, and ourselves to handle all of needs of our clients. Our clients problems are our problems which get fixed quickly and efficiently because we all know that sometimes in Spain this can be like pulling teeth. Our rates are very competitive, and because we are based in the heart of Sitges, we are readily available. Thus, if you are looking for the best property management company in town, look no further.

Feel free to contact us by email to set up a free consultation to see if we are what you’re looking for.

Sitges Christmas street market


This weekend if you’re in Sitges and need to get some Christmas shopping done, you’re in the right place. On december 6th and 7th Sitges main streets will be showing their products in good Christmas fashion. Sometimes when one is shopping and doesn’t want to go into every shop, well this is the other way around. The concept is to bring the essence of the store to the customer – in the street. A good way to enjoy a evening in Sitges with friends or family.

The weather forecast is sunshine so town should be busy.

Lunching in Sitges


Being a Sitges local since 2006 has given me the opportunity to learn where to find the best places to eat in Sitges. During the winter months the traditional Catalan food is perfect from the rustic Escudella (a hearty soup) or Cordero (lamb), but I still love a nice piece of grilled meat. I tend to be more of a traditional ‘foodie’, however there’s something in Sitges for everyone, right up to avant-guard dishes in modern restaurants here in town.

At the top of my list Komokieras (how you want it in spanish), with their extensive wine list and amazing grill, I’ve never left unhappy nor hungry. If you want to go for classic catalan cuisine I suggest Bon Estar, their menu del dia (menu of the day) is very affordable and is always packed with locals (a good sign). For big appetites check out Big Al’s Diner which loves their extra large portions but if you want to watch your waistline I suggest you stick to the fresh fish from either Cal Pinxo or Mare Nostrum – they’re both amazing eateries and really warm, friendly staff. Sticking with the fish theme, if sushi is more your style Sitthai is a sure hit but call ahead as they’re normally quite busy during the weekend. Finally if your stomach is calling for italian, Pura Vida is THE BEST in Sitges, I always take guests there and Mateo the owner is one of a kind!

Well, there you have it, a quick rundown for the best restaurants in Sitges … for now!



Family apartments in the heart of Sitges

With so much availability on the holiday accommodation market in Sitges sometimes it’s hard to find which choice is the best for your next vacation in Sitges. Normally when a family is looking for a holiday apartment the main things one looks for is location, distance from the beach, and comfort. Now there are usually a few more characteristics that are important but these 3 are essential.

Sitges Holiday Accommodation offers a modern block of 13 apartments ranging from stylish 2 bedroom apartments to 3 bedroom duplex penthouse apartments as well. The best thing is that this building in located in the old town, on a quiet street and no more than a 5 minute walk from the beach.

The property also has parking available onsite which is a plus since Sitges does not offer much parking in the center of the village, and if you do manage to find parking it is often quite expensive, whereas in the sunshine apartment building it’s only 15eur/night!

Our Sunshine Apartments are equipped with the following features:

– Air Conditioning

-Wifi throughout

-International T.V. channels

– Jacuzzi bathtub


-Washing Machine


If you would like more information regarding these perfect holiday apartments, please feel free to contact us – 

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