- need a haircut or a spa treatment and in Sitges? –

When in Sitges and on vaction, the best thing is to always look your best, whether it be on the beach or out at night. That’s why Sitges Holiday Accommodation wants to give you a few of the places we like to go for a little beauty touch-up/haircut.

The first is Tomas Peluquerias which specializes in wellbeing which includes facials, waxing, and cutting edge treatments. They also have a great Salon and be sure to say hi to Kiko for us! (he’s a 10/10 ;)) The best thing is, for all of our clients or those who read this blog, if you us the flyer below or simply go in and say “Sitges Holiday Accommodation” sent you, you get 15% off! Why not make yourself look as guapo/guapa as possible!


If you’re looking for an old school style baber with a modern touch go to Lounge, which for 20 euros including tip you get an amazing haircut and even a mini facial!! Check out their foursquare page here


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