low season in Sitges doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do

Now that summer’s coming to a close I felt the need to let you know that just because there isn’t many people here, there’s tons to do. Fir starters we have the international film festival that runs every October and is mainly based on horror and sci-fi films. All of the beaches ´chiringuitos´are open until the end of October and of course open year round to enjoy, but bring a sandwich and a water. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, Sitges is the perfect destination to get away from the cold and wet wherever else in the world you are.

Sitges being just a short 30 minute train ride from Barcelona is the perfect excuse to come and visit. Visit Gaudi and Montjiuc, then bring yourself back to this wonderful sea side Spanish town. In Sitges itself you can enjoy many of the local wine bars, visiting the museum maricel, or having a nice lunch in the port Aguadolce. Although some restaurants and shops close during the winter months, there are many open all year.

I forgot to mention that our winter rates are upwards of 50% off the summertime rates and minimum stays of a short 3 nights? Sitges Holiday Accommodation offers from 1 bedroom luxury properties to 3 bedroom seafront apartments. Well the proof is in the pudding as they say, so please join us in Sitges whether it be just for the day to experience this magical town for a few nights, and who knows, you may just end up on staying.

Brunch Electronik Barcelona – Brings BCN a bit of spice to spring

What’s better than when you can rock out to some awesome electronic music, shop around the second hand market, check out the urban garden, or do some activities with the kids – nothing! The people that brough us Piknic Electronic Barcelona, have brought Brunch Electronik Barcelona, which is one hell of a good idea in my book.

Firstly the whole ‘brunch’ scene in Barcelona is really untapped, and with spring in the air, and people wanting to take advantage of beautiful BCN, why not bring those who love of the arts whether it be audio or visual – together!

The first Barcelona Brunch was held last weekend as apparentely rocked, and by what the fans had to say on the social media sites, it was a hit! I will not be missing the next edition of the BrunchBCN April 20th from 3 in the afternoon til 8… just enough time to burn off the buzz before bed ;)


For more info check out their Facebook Page….See you there!!

Ola Girls – The Mediterranean Lesbian Festival in Sitges Barcelona **Cancelled**

***This event has been cancelled by the Sitges Council** please read the attitude magazine’s blog entry for more details


“Soap won’t wash your shame” -Depeche Mode


This year marks the first girls only festival here in Sitges Barcelona OlaGirls was made to provide an amazing summer festival for women who tend to feel that they’re not the target markets at other LGBT events (Circuit?). This meaning June 6-8 2014 there will be over 2000 women from all over europe (and the world), to enjoy the lifestyle and beautiful beaches here in Sitges.

From Yoga in the mornings, beach activites in the afternoon (some weddings even!), and hiting the dancefloor at night, this is sure to be an amazing event. If you’re not familiar with Sitges like myself, you’ll fall in love with its narrow winding streets, great culture, and even better people!

All of the event information can be found on the OlaGirls offical website.

On the accommodation end of things; we have over 50 apartments in the downtown center, and along the coast ranging from simple studios to luxury villas.


Barcelona Circuit 2014

Barcelona Circuit Festival 2013 [esp.] from idemtv on Vimeo.

Since 2008 Barcelona has been holding one of Europe’s biggest circuit parties for over 50,000 gay and lesbian party-goers.

Matinee group is a force to be reckoned with in the party scene by hosting parties from Amnesia Ibiza to their world tour in places like Moscow or Rio de Janeiro.

Circuit Barcelona 2014 will be like no other with over 60 DJ’s, 20 venues, and over 80,00 beautiful people bombarding Barcelona from the 6th-17 of August 2014. Our favourite venue is either the water park party or the WE party that can go all night long.


Some tips about the event is to treat it like the tortoise and the hare. Meaning, chose a couple of decent parties that you would like to go to with a day or two in between, or by the time the closing parties come around, you don’t even have any gas left in the tank (and weight about 10kgs less).

Regarding accommodation, Barcelona is great because it’s close to the parties, but in my opinion; it’s best to stay in Sitges, with its awesome beaches and a lot more laid back (much needed) atmosphere. There are tons of seafront apartments, and villas available but, don’t worry though Sitges can be just as much of a hedonistic party as what’s going on in Barcelona, just you get that true seaside Mediterranean feel.

Barcelona Circuit Party 2014 also has Girlie Circuit is Europe’s Biggest Lesbian event; from lounging on the beach to amazing poolside parties throughout Barcelona.

Stay tuned for more info in the next few months.

See you on the dancefloor and enjoy the film courtesy of IDMTV


- Sitges holds the Catalunya’s ‘tapa of the year’ event -

On November the 3rd and 4th, Sitges will be holding the tapa of the year event for the whole of Catalunya! The event will be held in the auditorium of the Hotel Melia.


Over 18 contestants, from all over Catalunya are gunning to get their name the best tapa in the province. The event is organized by El Gremio Hosteleria de Sitges y Estrella Damm, and in collaboration with the Sitges tourism council. These 18 tapas will be presented one by one on the stage in the Melia, and for only 3 euros the event is open to the public.

If that’s not enough for your 3 euros you’re not only able to go see the event live, you’re invited to take the ‘tapa tour’ of the 18 establishments, and try one of the 18 finalist tapas, and a small beer! To get your ticket for this Tapa de l’Any click here

The 4th of November is more the professional end of things, where over 8 top chefs (over 6 Michelin stars), creating their gastronomic delights for your eyes, not your mouth :(

See you there!! mmmhmmm


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