Brunch Electronik Barcelona – Brings BCN a bit of spice to spring

What’s better than when you can rock out to some awesome electronic music, shop around the second hand market, check out the urban garden, or do some activities with the kids – nothing! The people that brough us Piknic Electronic Barcelona, have brought Brunch Electronik Barcelona, which is one hell of a good idea in my book.

Firstly the whole ‘brunch’ scene in Barcelona is really untapped, and with spring in the air, and people wanting to take advantage of beautiful BCN, why not bring those who love of the arts whether it be audio or visual – together!

The first Barcelona Brunch was held last weekend as apparentely rocked, and by what the fans had to say on the social media sites, it was a hit! I will not be missing the next edition of the BrunchBCN April 20th from 3 in the afternoon til 8… just enough time to burn off the buzz before bed ;)


For more info check out their Facebook Page….See you there!!

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