Jazz night at Greys Sitges

If you’re in town this Friday the 21st Greys Sitges at 2000h (Calle Paseo de la Ribera 2 – below the Sitges Church) will be putting on their first live Jazz night with great cocktails from their star Bartender Adriano, along with a dinner menu that goes nicely along with the band: Los tres Juanetes del Apocadixie(Joan: clarinet; Johnny: Guitar;  Joan: Double bass)

Si estas en Sitges este Viernes, Greys Sitges a las 2000h (Calle Paseo de la Ribera 2 – Abajo la Inglesia de Sitges ) van hacer su primero noche de Jazz en directo con buenos cocteles de su estrella camerero Adriano y tambien un menu de noche que acompane bien el grupo: Los tres Juanetes del Apocadixie(Joan: clarinet; Johnny: Guitar;  Joan: Double bass)


Los tres Juanetes del Apocadixie


Ticket + Menu: 20eur

Ticket + Cocktails: 10eur

The band is well-known in Catalunya and has a huge following in the Jazz world.

El grupo esta bien conocido en Cataluyna y tienen muchos seguidores en el mundo de Jazz.

Greys Sitges has said that their Jazz Nights will be held monthly, along with Sunday afternoons to enjoy their tasty weekend menu.

Grey Sitges ha dicho que sus noches de Jazz seran cada mes y tambien cada domingo para disfrutar su menu de fin de semana.

For more info check out their event guide on their Facebook page

Para mas info mira su muro de Facebook (enlace arriba)

For ticket info/Reservations please contact: +34 931 42 73 69/+34 670 307 510



This weekend marks the end of Malvasia week in Sitges

El Malvasia is a naturally sweet wine that is native to Sitges and the local area. Over the past week local restaurants/bar in Sitges are promoting the local goods.

Normally the wine is still but can also be made to be either dry, or fizzy, and is normal consumed for celebrations or xatonades (Xato is a local style of salad).


If you notice around Sitges this week you will see a brand from a pine street in the window or doors of establishments which for hundreds of years meant that this years wine is now available. The local wine is made in the Hospital San Joan Baptista (in Poble Sec), and with the support of Sitges Mayor (Miquel Forns), the president of Gremi Hosteleria (Joan Anton Matas), and Josep Pascual (Director of the Sant Joan Baptista Foundation) have made a great local Sitges event.

For a list of the restaurants participating check out the Sitges Actui website


I’ve found a small explanation about Malvasia because it’s always better to have a little knowledge of the things one enjoys (coutresy of slowfoodfoundation.com).

Sitges Malvasia is a true rarity: even if it is included in the 84 internationally recognized varieties of Malvasia, only a few hectares of this production survive.
Legend has it that almogávares (mercenary soldiers from the end of the 13th century who were particularly skilled in guerrilla warfare against the Saracens) brought Malvasia to the Garraf while supporting the Byzantine emperor.
The present survival of this vine can be attributed to the farsightedness of Catalan diplomat Manuel Llopis de Casades (born 1885 in Barcelona, died 1935 in Sofia). Last heir of the Llopis lineage, one of the most ancient in Sitges (dating back to the 16th century), Manuel Llopis de Casades left a will one month before dying which handed over possession and management of all his properties in the Sitges territory to the Hospital de Saint Juan Bautista de Sitges (a religious charitable institution) on the condition that they continue production of Sitges Malvasia from the Llopis vines. This provision has ensured that 2.5 hectares of Sitges Malvasia still exist today, though they are now embedded between more recently erected houses and buildings from the unrestrained development of the town.
The chalky soil, marine breeze and protection offered by the mountains all contribute to a unique microclimate which is ill-suited to most common grapevine pathogens.
Sitges Malvasia has very distinctive deep-cut leaves, long and flexible vine shoots and small, elongated grapes which are allowed to overripe.
The grapes are harvested between the end of September and the beginning of October. The young oenologist Josep Pascual supervises the production. All those who collaborate in this small production do so virtually gratis.
The resulting wine is a strong sweet passito which acquired the Denominación d’Origen Penedès in 1991.


Springtime mini Barcelona Circuit

If you can’t wait for summer to rock Barcelona‘s famous circuit parties, don’t worry, come out to visit us here in Sitges this Spring for Matinee Easter Gay Weekend, which is pretty much a small version of the summer’s 10 days of debauchery. The event will run from the of April, until the 22nd with clubs TBA.
Over the 3 days there will be 4 parties with the Papa Party kicking everything off, and finishing Sunday night with the world famous WE PARTY.

Now, Barcelona is a great place to stay but its always better in Sitges with its gorgeous beaches, great restaurants, and great nightlife (which you won’t be needing if you go to circuit;))

For more Spring Circuit info check out their Facebook page or website.

As for accommodation over the easter weekend, we’ve got beachfront studios right up to sea front luxury apartments.

In my opinion, the event is a great reason to jump on a plane and come to sunny Spain after a long dar, wet, winter, where ever you are in the world.

International comedian Tom Rhodes does 50 shades of Grey’s Sitges

This is what I love about Sitges! In the middle of winter you can still get decent entertainment, you just have to know where to look for it.

On Saturday Feb 8, from 9 pm, Grey’s Sitges Restaurant will be holding their second comedy night. The act that will be performing with be International comedian Tom Rhodes (U.S.A). He’s been on some of Comedy’s biggest stages (The Jay Leno show), and done events in over 20 different cities all over the world.

With over 30 years experience Tom Rhodes is sure to make a what normally dull mid-winters night something very special.

Tickets are 12euros and can be bought at Grey’s Sitges (Paseo de la Ribera, 2) or on the night of the event. For ticket info 670 307 510


Ola Girls – The Mediterranean Lesbian Festival in Sitges Barcelona **Cancelled**

***This event has been cancelled by the Sitges Council** please read the attitude magazine’s blog entry for more details


“Soap won’t wash your shame” -Depeche Mode


This year marks the first girls only festival here in Sitges Barcelona OlaGirls was made to provide an amazing summer festival for women who tend to feel that they’re not the target markets at other LGBT events (Circuit?). This meaning June 6-8 2014 there will be over 2000 women from all over europe (and the world), to enjoy the lifestyle and beautiful beaches here in Sitges.

From Yoga in the mornings, beach activites in the afternoon (some weddings even!), and hiting the dancefloor at night, this is sure to be an amazing event. If you’re not familiar with Sitges like myself, you’ll fall in love with its narrow winding streets, great culture, and even better people!

All of the event information can be found on the OlaGirls offical website.

On the accommodation end of things; we have over 50 apartments in the downtown center, and along the coast ranging from simple studios to luxury villas.


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