Earth Day 2010




On Saturday March 27th at 8:30pm over 6,000 cities and millions across the globe will come together for change. Earth Day is to represent and stand up for climate change, for this in Spain the Oscar winning film director Pedro Almodovar is 110% behind the WWF to strive for actions to be made for climate change. Last year over 88 countries including 73 capital cities and 9 of the 10 most populated cities in the world all participated in the event. Also huge monuments around the world including: the Pyramids of GizaTimes Square in New York, The Eiffel Tower, and the Coliseum in Rome. This year 121 countries and over 3,500 cities ( which 155 of those are Spanish ). Let’s come together to help not only the present times but the future as well!!

-Looking for the best coffee or sandwich in Sitges?-


Whether you have been to Sitges on vacation or live here, what is one hard question to answer? “Where can I get a decent lunch for less than 5 euros” most would say you can’t but we have….. On carrer francesc guma there is a small café/bar by the name of “ Café del Mon”. This little bar is one of Sitges best kept secrets with everything from their great coffee to ‘el pollo completo’ where this legendary sandwich you’d be hard pressed to think you need something else. The ambient is like their food, simple but that’s exactly what you want. So tell us what your favorite place is to grab a good cup of coffee or that perfect sandwich.

-Sunshine Apartments are new and exclusive to Sitges Holiday Accommodation-

~Sunshine Apartments~

Looking for a new, bright and modern apartment in the center of Sitges Barcelona? Planning a wedding or coming to Sitges Gay Pride 2010? Sitges Holiday Accommodation now has available 10 apartments all in the same building! From 75 euros/night and have various sizes ranging from 2 bed/ 2bath to 3 bed/2 bath apartments. All will include wifi and all of your holiday apartment needs.




We believe that the standard of these apartments are the future of Holiday Apartments here in Sitges Spain. No longer will the ‘typical spanish’ apartment be sufficient, yet a contemporary apartment that is priced affordable is where the future is heading in the self service apartment market. Check out our sunshine apartments  here to find out more information and the availability of the perfect Sitges apartment waiting for you!! For our special promotions on our sunshine apartments check out the property pages for more info.

It’ St. Patrick’s Day today… What are you doing in Barcelona tonight?


Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone around the world from Sitges Holiday Accommodation!!

Today millions of people around the world celebrate the original tradition of Saint Patrick’s. A day which has been celebrated in Ireland since the 1600’s, which is filled full of food and fuelled by booze. Little is known about Saint Patrick but supposedly he was a ‘wee’ man taken from Britain long ago to Ireland as a slave. Once there he managed to break free and study religion in Britain, where later he returned to Ireland where he used the shamrock to explain the holy trinity. Nowadays there is spirit wherever you look from the Caribbean to the U.S. where in Chicago they even dye the river green



So grab yourself a pint of the green ale tonight and have a good time in honor of a good man!!!  Some of the places tonight where you’ll find a good Irish pub to celebrate are: Michael Collins which is in front of the Sagrada Familia or Shamrock on Carrer Tallers -but they have the pick of the Irish bands, a great atmosphere, and as far as I know it’s the only night they charge to get in (a pittance) and they give you all the best free Guinness merchandise, plus a free St. Paddy’s t-shirt. Whether you have one or many be sure to be safe out there tonight in the big ol’ city!!

-A guide to the best beaches in Sitges-

Looking for the best spots to take the sun in Sitges…

Our favorite places to take the sun in Sitges… but shhhh don’t tell anyone…


Firstly from the beginning of July until the end of September thousands flock from all over the globe to enjoy Sitges and it’s wonderful ‘playas’. From Monday to Friday the beaches are quite busy during the summer however at weekend even those from Barcelona come down and enjoy the soft sand and the warm Mediterranean waters.   


One of our favorite places to go on a Sunday to get that perfect tan is Alberto Beach ( playa L’ Estanyol ) where it’s the closest you’re gonna get to Ibiza without taking the plane… Live DJ’s from either Sweet Pacha or a old friend from the white island. It is the epitome of ibicencan (Ibiza) where it doesn’t matter sex  preference all that is necessary is a little bit of glamour…. There is service right to your sun bed or you can go to BABALU which has some afternoon parties that are forever memorable!!!


If you’ve come for a ‘boys’ weekend, then the gay beach located in front of the Calipolis hotel is where you need to be!! Each year if you don’t get up early well looks like you’re sat in the sand because this is a place to be seen with some of the best bodies on the Spanish coast all coming together to soak up the Sitges sun. On Tuesdays the Gay Beach Party in L’Atlantida attracts more than 5000 people ever week during the summer with the Barcelona Circuit Festival taking over on a sunny Sunday for the perfect T-Dance atmosphere.

If board shorts and bikini’s aren’t your thing Balmins beach located between San Sebastian Beach and Port Aiguadolce is the next up and coming place with rumors of opening up the next place to be ….so stay tuned because the summer’s only a few months away so hit the gym and get your tan ready for summer 2010!!

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