- Sitges Wine Tours -

Whether you’re in Barcelona or in Sitges there’s amazing places within an hours drive to taste some gorgeous mediterranean wine/cava.

The first region I want to touch on is well know for its white wines/cava’s but there are some amazing reds as well. The Penedes wine region is located between the start of coastal mountains and between the Mediterranean sea. The Penedes wine region is revered as the second most important wine region, after La Rioja. Here are a few great winery’s just 15-20 minutes outside of Sitges and 30-40 mins from Barcelona.


  • Emendis Estate Wines and Cavas – An amazing family run winery that prides its traditional work methods passed down over the generations. This winery is one of our favourites ;)
  • Albet i Noya – One of the pioneers in Ecological growing and always winning medals for its gorgeous wine.
  • Torres Winery  - synonymous with wine around the world.. but it all started here in the Penedes 3 centuries ago!

With those 3 options, you’ve scrached just the surface with dozens of great wineries in the Penedes D.O. region.

Another region which I personally think is amazing understated wine… no frills or gimmicks… just amazing wine.

The Priorat wine region was “Once known for its oxidized and highly alcoholic” wine has done a 180 and made it one of the worlds best wine regions (depending on who you talk to). I love their reds, full of body and get better and better the more it breathes. Here are a few that if you’re in Sitges or Barcelona… go give them a try!

  • Costers Del Siurana – Their 1989 vintage was given an 18/20 and voted one of the best wines in the world!
  • Clos Dominic – a great Catalan couple making wine the way it should be; by hand from start to finish.
  • Capafons-Osso Winery – Organic growing out of the great slate soil which produces small amounts of that great tasting juice!

I know we all don’t know a lot about wines or maybe you do, but we know a great wine tour company that gives you the insider tours that most wine tours don’t.

Niso Wine Tours

There you have it… your mini wine guide … I’m sure you’ll be on the beach and not always at the winery so check out www.sitgesholidayaccommodation.com for your wine tour apartment or villa.

- Sitges 49th Annual Wine Festival Sept 17-19 2010 -


It’s That time of year again as the grapes are getting bigger so are our appetites for a nice glass of wine. This year’s wine festival features wine from Mexico ( Guadalajara ), which one might think there isn’t wine in Mexico but yes there is. That’s why between all of the beautiful Penedes wines or a great Rioja we all must learn and TASTE the great wines Spain and the rest of the world have to offer. Torres the famous Catalonian winery also hold tours every day in their vineyards just 20 minutes outside of Sitges.  I’ve also seen that there is a grape stomping going on in ‘ EL PRADO ‘ which should be amusing if you’ve never seen it before.

This is the true Costa Barcelona

Along the Spanish coast there are many coastal names from; Costa Dorada, Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, etc, but I agree that instead of calling Sitges within the Garraf coast, the government is going to start calling the local coast ‘Costa Barcelona‘. The reason the government did this is that more people know Barcelona, than even possibly Catalonia, thus, I think it is wise to call the coast near to Barcelona; Costa Barcelona, so that tourists can relate to where in fact are places like Sitges.

costa-barcelona-sitgesOver the 100km stretch of coastline from Maresme (north of Barcelona, along the coast  to Vilanova I La Geltru, there are national parks, never-ending beaches, and loads to do from renting a yacht, or maybe going on a wine tour in El Penedes wine region.

Either way it’s very convenient to stay within the Costa Barcelona area because it is always within 30-45mins from Barcelona, which is great for taking advantage of all the sights and sounds of BCN.

Hopefully the Costa Barcelona name will catch on worldwide because as it stands, Sitges still has a bit to do on the world stage, yes it’s only a small village, but it does pack a big punch!


If you’re interested in finding out more info about La Costa Barcelona, check out our blog or website whenever you want! :)



- With Autumn in the air what do you do in Sitges? -

What is the most frequently asked question in Sitges during the low season? “ What do you guys do apart from laying on the beach? “. Here are our 5 favourite things to do during the off-season.

 5. Explore Barcelona

·        Go enjoy the architecture of the Sagrada Familia or Gaudi ( if you’re like me you’ll love the W hotel )

·        Go the Boquiera Market where you can find anything you heart desires

·        The Gothic quarter or El Borne is the place to be these days

·        Go watch a Barcelona F.C. match


4. Go on a wine tour

·        With the Penedes Wine region at Sitges doorstep there are numerous vinyards within 20 mins driving from Sitges.

·        The wine tours we recommend are:  Niso Wine Tours , Cellar Tours , or The Wine Colours


3. Go to Terragona for the day

·        About 1 hours train journey, are the ancient Roman ruins at Tarragona where you can step back in time and see the Colosseum and Roman battlements. For more information click here


2. The Garraf Natural Park

·        From Horseback riding to hiking just 10 minutes walk outside of Sitges and you’re in the Garraf natural Park where there is stunning views all the way to Salou. If you’re feeling spiritual there’s even a Buddhist Monastery



1.  Jazz in Sitges

·        Every Thursday and Friday night ( at around 2300h ) in the garden of the Retiro Cinema there is a little bit of Sitges that not many tourists know about. Go into the garden and there will be a small door with the words “ El Cava”. Head inside where your 3 euro ticket will make you feel like you’ve been immersed into the prohibition days of the 1930’s and 1940’s. With local talent ( lots of it ) you can pass the hours enjoying music with people just like you from yesterday, today and tomorrow.


- Sitges Events 2013 -

This is your holiday event guide to Sitges for 2013!! We’ll try and keep you up to date if anything changes!!!

Sitges Events 2013

Three Kings Parade 2013 January 6:

Three Kings (“Tres Magi” Day), or  Los Reyes de Magos, Parade is a Sitges Christmas event aimed at kids. At home, Children leave their shoes out to be filled with gifts by the three wise men, or Three Kings (Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar).

They arrive as Horse mounted Cavaliers and are followed by a procession of varied bands and drummers through the streets of Sitges, in medieval costumes. Sweets are thrown to the crowd.

Every year the event takes a different route through the town. So when the rest of the world goes back to work, Spain finds another reason to have a party. Come and join us. This event takes place annually.

Sitges Carnaval 2013 February 6-13:

For over 100 years, Sitges has been celebrating nonstop -between the months of February and March, according to the liturgical calendar- Carnestoltes, or Carnival.

The festivities begin on Dijous Gras, or Fatty Thursday, with the arribo, King Carnestoltes’ spectacular arrival. From the moment this character appears until the burial of the sardine – late afternoon on Ash Wednesday – you could well say that life in Sitges moves to a new beat.

Here there is even room for youngsters to step into the limelight with children’s ruas, or Carnival parades, on Sunday and Tuesday afternoon. Folk dances and xatonades (traditional local salad served with assorted omelets) are also characteristic carnival elements.

The two most important moments are the Rua de la Disbauxa, or the Debauchery Parade, on Sunday night and the Rua de l’Extermini, or Extermination Parade, on Tuesday night. Some forty-odd floats with more than 2.000 participants leave a jam-packed Sitges completely breathless.

Sitges Vintage Car Rally March 2-4 2013:

Dating as far back as 1959, the Rally takes place at the end of March every year. The cars meet up at 10am at Arc de Triomf in Barcelona, and are on display until around 17h.

The following day, all of the cars leave from Plaça Sant Jaume and make their way along the coast to Sitges.

With between 80 and 100 cars taking part, it’s a real spectacular with participants coming from all over Europe to join in the fun, dressing up in period costumes to accompany the feel of their car and its age. Prizes are given out throughout the weekend and it’s fun for all the ages. The event finishes right in front of the Church in Sitges so make sure you book one of our seafront apartments and you can view the entire event from your balcony.

Easter/ Semana Santa 2013 March 29- 1 April:

The little village of Sitges embraces its catholic roots with ‘Semana Santa’ as thousands from all over Spain come to visit the quaint little village. For locals it’s a breath of fresh air after a few long quiet months to its typical bustling sea side town.

It’s a nice break if where you’re living is still cold and wet as Sitges receives 300+ days of sun per year… sounds like a great way to spend a weekend in spring!

Sitges Corpus Christi Flower Festival June 4 2013:

Sitges celebrates Corpus Christi with a huge popular flower festival, particularly celebrating carnations. Proudly enjoyed by the people of Sitges, this event finds its most spectacular expression in the flower carpet contest, deemed to be of “national tourist interest.”

The participants turn the streets in a show of incredible colors, and they compete for their street to be declared the most beautiful carpet in Sitges.

The first record of this beautiful tradition dates from 1887, and today around 360,000 carnations are used in its preparation, in addition to other types of flowers. It also marks the beginning of the high season in Sitges.

Sitges Pride 2013 June 13-17 2013:

 Now in its fourth year the Sitges Pride party attracts more than 60,000 people to Sitges during its week long series of parties and festivities.

Given that Sitges is such a popular gay friendly destination, it is no small wonder that this event is one of the most popular in the European gay party calendar.

There is a gay-village by the sea, right in front of some of our best apartments, so book early to ensure you have the best view. The main parade takes place on the Saturday and there are parties hosted every night during the event.

The Sitges Pride is growing in popularity each year. Last year, apartments were booked out well in advance, so we urge you to consider this when planning to visit for this event.

Sant Joan/San Juan Festival June 23:

San Juan welcomes the summer to Sitges, just after the summer solstice. In honour of St. John the Baptist, the Spanish party all night long on the evening of June 23. In the Catalonian area, this feast is famous and known as the best place in Spain to celebrate this holiday.

At 00.00 sharp, many people take a fresh dip in to the sea, according to the legend it brings good luck in the coming year. On the beach bonfires, which are also used for several other traditions, create a very special atmosphere. Sitges is a great place to experience San Juan; Cava is flowing, fireworks and bonfires are lit. And not to forget the spectacular view on top of the mountains where you can see the fireworks in the direction of Barcelona and the coast. Most of the bars and clubs in Sitges are open until 5am, so its a long night of partying and fun.

Sitges Fiesta Mayor 2013 August 22-25 2013:

La Fiesta Mayor de Sitges is the biggest annual festival in honour of Sant Bartomeu, the patron saint of Sitges.

The Festa Major de Sitges takes place in August every year and like other Catalan festa major celebrations, you can see processions with gegants (giants) – capgrossos (big paper mache heads), correfocs (fireruns) – bastoners (stick dances) and a full programme of music and concerts and of course castellers, groups that build human towers.

The festival lasts for 10 days, but the highlight of the event is the fireworks display which attracts more than 200,000 people annually. It is one sight not to be missed and a sea front apartment is in high demand during this event.

Sitges Wine Festival & Gourmet Food Fair – September

itges celebrates the annual grape harvest with a Wine and Food festival called “La Festa de la Verema” in Catalan and “la Fiesta de la Vendimia” in Spanish. It features a popular wine show called “Mostra de Vins” on Passeig de Ribera where visitors can sample the best wines from 18 wineries of the “Macizo del Garraf” and Penedes wine regions of Catalunya.

During the festival Sitges restaurants prepare special menus dedicated to grapes and wine. The “Nit de les Pubilles” is a “beauty pageant” with roots in Catalan traditions. Various barrios or organisations enter a girl as their “pubilla” in the contest to become the winner called the “Pubilla major.” who then later goes on to represent Sitges at the contest of “Pubilla de Catalunya.”

Other highlights of the Verema festival are the grape stepping contest – “concurso pisadores de uva”on Sunday at 18:00 on Plaza del Baluard followed by the inauguration of the wine fountain -“inauguración del la Fuente del Vino,” the weighing of La Pubilla counterbalanced by wine bottles – called “pesaje de la Pubilla” and finally sardanas dancing led by La cobla Sitgetana . The Festa de la Verema de Sitges is organised by Fomento de Turismo de Sitges in conjunction with Bodegas Torres and the Ayuntamiento de Sitges

Sitges Santa Tecla September 16-22 2013:

Want the summer to last a little bit longer? Head to Sitges, famed for its beautiful beaches and entertaining nightlife, and host to the last day of the Santa Tecla festival in September.

This festival is a smaller version of the Fiesta Mayor. It is one of the main yearly events for Sitgeans with the Church of Santa Tecla as the backdrop.

Think fireworks, daily parades and the usual Sitges mayhem and you get the general idea of what this event is all about. It is however one of our favorite events in that it is easier to see it, given that the massive crowds of August have gone back home to work or school.

Sitges Film Festival 2013 October:

What started as a small festival back in 1968 has gone from strength to strength and is a must-visit for any fantasy/horror fan – there simply is too much to choose from with Asia heavily represented, of course, local cinema, classic horror legends and new screenings to choose from and compete for the awards.

Don’t just take our word for it, the press page speaks for itself. 300 screenings to over 100,000 people attracting 430 different media outlets from around the globe

One of the highlights of the event is the annual Zombie Walk which has now turned into a weekend of early Halloween fun. Yes, you can be made-up by professional make-up artists and become a movie zombie. It has to be seen to be believed!


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