- Sitges holds the Catalunya’s ‘tapa of the year’ event -

On November the 3rd and 4th, Sitges will be holding the tapa of the year event for the whole of Catalunya! The event will be held in the auditorium of the Hotel Melia.


Over 18 contestants, from all over Catalunya are gunning to get their name the best tapa in the province. The event is organized by El Gremio Hosteleria de Sitges y Estrella Damm, and in collaboration with the Sitges tourism council. These 18 tapas will be presented one by one on the stage in the Melia, and for only 3 euros the event is open to the public.

If that’s not enough for your 3 euros you’re not only able to go see the event live, you’re invited to take the ‘tapa tour’ of the 18 establishments, and try one of the 18 finalist tapas, and a small beer! To get your ticket for this Tapa de l’Any click here

The 4th of November is more the professional end of things, where over 8 top chefs (over 6 Michelin stars), creating their gastronomic delights for your eyes, not your mouth :(

See you there!! mmmhmmm


Sitges Tapa a Tapa
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