- Sitges Film Festival 2013 –

It’s back baby!…. well like every year but this years Sitges International Film Festival AKA EL Cine Fantasico is set to be a burner with this years feature film “The seed of the devil”. This years festival will have it’s Zombie walk which is always a great experience… Think 500+ mangled, dead, or almost dead walking the streets of Sitges.. check out the youtube vid here . The festival runs from Oct 11-20, what a great time of year, just that bit closer to Halloween!


For more information please check out the Sitges Film Festival’s official website here


If you’re reading this and coming to enjoy the festival while in Sitges, why don’t you also check out our great apartments for rent in Sitges? We have ones even just minutes from the red carpet!

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Ryan D

Someone who came to Sitges in 2006, feel in love with this little piece of paradise, and "c'est la vie", many years later still continue to love Sitges, and relay my experiences through the blog.

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