- Where to find the best Spanish ham in Sitges -

Spanish Jamon or Ham as most people know is an amazing experience… if you get the right stuff, so we at Sitges Holiday Accommodation know where to get the best Jamon Iberico around!


At least once a week I treat myself to an Ibericus sandwhich, mainly I get the gourmet roll but lately I’ve been a fan of their black olive focaccia. The store is what one would expect when dealing with productos ibericos, from the 5Jotas (5*) ham, to cured cheeses and other cured meats.

If you’re dining out check out Cal Pinxo because even though the sea front restaurant in Sitges mainly deals in seafood, their Jamon is to die for rich red in colour and melts in your mouth!

There are great hidden places in Sitges that have great Spanish ham as well and if you think they’re better than our choices let us know on our Facebook Page!


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Ryan D

Someone who came to Sitges in 2006, feel in love with this little piece of paradise, and "c'est la vie", many years later still continue to love Sitges, and relay my experiences through the blog.

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