- Terramar Race track … Sitges hidden secret -

Did you know sunny Sitges has the second oldest race track in Europe… Older than Le Mans!! Built in 1923 the oval track was made on the outskirts of Sitges Barcelona. The track which ran into such high contruction costs its first race, the dirvers never even got prize money!!!


The track ran until the 1950’s but know as a great shame has been abandonded for almost the last 80 years in reality. However with its great workmanship, the track and outbuildings are still in tact. The only shame with the Terramar Sitges track is that it is now only used as a private chicken farm or for gearheads to take a sneaky spin around the track (which we are totally against as it is against the law!)


However we came across this amazing video of one of Audi’s fastest cars which took the track record… take a look here and save yourself from drooling!


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Ryan D

Someone who came to Sitges in 2006, feel in love with this little piece of paradise, and "c'est la vie", many years later still continue to love Sitges, and relay my experiences through the blog.

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