- Looking for a gym or pool in Sitges? -

Eventhough everything is central in Sitges, one of the things that isn’t central for the tourist is the gym. Even a Sitges local has trouble without a map telling a tourist looking to go for a swim or workout how to even get there.

However, the gym once you get there is great! competitive pricing (around 6 euros), which enables you to all of their facilities and classes.


**Remember to bring a towel, and a lock if you’ll be using the changing room lockers**

The Address for the Sites Municipal pool is:

Calle Cami de la Fita s/n (without number..it is just at the end of the street)

I have posted a few great photos and even a map to give you an idea.

Here also is the offical website of the gym in Sitges


There are other gyms in and around sitges but from my experience this is the only gym to go to!!


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Ryan D

Someone who came to Sitges in 2006, feel in love with this little piece of paradise, and "c'est la vie", many years later still continue to love Sitges, and relay my experiences through the blog.


  1. Martin D. Hunt   •  

    Thanks so much for the heads-up on the gym in Sitges. This municipal club was great: Lots of space, lots of equipment, and lots of friendly people. Only 7 euros a day, it was a fantastic value. As a dedicated gymer – at home, or on holiday – this was a great recommendation. Again, my thanks. Martin D. Hunt – Geneva, Switzerland

    • SitgesBlogEditor   •     Author

      Hola Martin,

      Thanks for the great comment! I agree that the gym is great, and remember, anything going on/to do in Sitges you’ll be able to find out about it on our blog!

      See you next year!!

  2. mark   •  

    hi. we are visiting sitges next week. can you please let us know if this gym is still open ? many thanks

    • SitgesBlogEditor   •     Author

      Sorry for the late reply, yes it is open everyday during the week from 0800h-2300h and weekends 0800h-1800h

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